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Ajan Fiber Laser Cutting Machines
Ajan Elektronik, having more than 6000 machines in 70 countries, brings innovation to the sector after fifteen years of meticulous R&D. AJAN starts producing and selling CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines!

Discover fast, flexible and precise smart machines for laser cutting!

Our company, which carries the innovative spirit of Izmir, aims to revolutionize metal processing technology with more than a half century of experience. We redefine industry standards with the high-tech products we develop. We as Ajan Elektronik are opening a new era in cutting with high precision, speed and efficiency.

Ajan Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Technical Specifications

15~35°C, optimum temperature 25°C.
5~85%, no condensation.
No dust, no fumes, no corrosive gases. Isolated voltage regulator and good grounding are required.

Performance Parameters

Laser power:
Processing range:
X-axis travel:
Y-axis travel:
Z-axis travel:
X/Y axis positioning accuracy
X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy
Max. speed
110m/min *88m/min(default)
Max. acceleration
Numerical control system type
Bus control
Max. load capacity of workbench
Phase number
Rated supply voltage
Protection level of main power supply
Features and Advantages of Ajan Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
After annealing, rough machining and then vibration stress relief can completely eliminate the internal stress of welding. With 12 meters gantry milling finishing, the machine has good rigidity and high precision that can be used for a long time without deformation.
The beam adopts tensile aluminum welded integrated beam, and has good rigidity, light weight, fast dynamic response and stable operation, and can be used for a long term without deformation.
X/Y/Z axes all use DELTA servo motor, which features high precision, high speed, large torque and stable and durable performance. The high-performance cutting head only needs a few seconds to pierce the thick plate.
The industry’s first simple integrated-looking design has a detachable structure suitable for maintenance and revisions that may be required in the future.
The ventilation system uses a closed space structure that ensures continuity of the smoke evacuation effect. In this way acceleration of the machine bed becomes more stable and faster.
Application Areas of Ajan Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Application industry: metal cutting, electrical switch, elevator, household appliance, kitchenware, tool processing and other machinery manufacturing and processing industries.
Aluminium Laser Cut
Carbon Steel Laser Cut
Brass Laser Cut
Stainless Steel Laser Cut
Sheet Metal Laser Cut
Applicable materials: specialized in cutting a variety of thin metal sheet, cutting different thickness of carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy, and can also cut galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum-plated zinc plate, thin brass plate and other metal materials.

After Sales Service

The warranty period of the laser cutting machine is 2 years against production and manufacturing defects. During the warranty period, replacement parts due to malfunction will be provided free of charge.

Dust contamination inside the cutting head, optical cables, QBH output heads, laser, consumables (such as optical lenses, cutting nozzles, etc.) and accidents due to condensation or internal icing are not covered under warranty.

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